Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Getting Closer!

We are getting closer and closer to the big day! Paul and I are very excited and anxious to meet our little guy!

I am feeling pretty good! It's starting to get more difficult to move around with my belly always in the way, but overall I'm feeling pretty good. My Dr. told me today that the last two months are usually pretty terrible. I didn't find that very encouraging...

We got his crib and put it together late last month! It's a convertible crib so it will convert to a toddler bed when he's bigger, a day bed when he's even bigger, and eventually a full size bed. We are very happy with it and it was even easy for Paul to put together! Here is the room as it looks right now!

This is a close up of the crib! My Mom and Dad are staining a dresser in the same color and we will use that with a changing pad and railing for a changing table right next to his crib.

We got to have a 4D ultrasound done on October 1st, where we got to watch Landry on a big giant screen. He was being a little shy and hiding behind the placenta, but we managed to wake him up enough to get some decent shots of his face. It was really fun to have a lot of our family there to see him.

There he is! That big cushiony looking thing on the right is the placenta, apparently. My Mom thinks he looks like me! He definitely appears to have my nose...

This is his, "I'm trying to sleep!" face...

That's his little arm up by his cheek!

This is our family that came to see Landry! Uncle Jerry, Aunt LaVerne, Grandad, Grandma, Uncle Matt, Aunt Nicole, Lukas and Caleb (Landry's cousins)were there to see him! Caleb (2 years old) kept laughing and saying "look at the baby!" Everyone was very excited to get to see him and now we all can't wait to meet him in December!

We also went to Sea World with our family a couple of weeks ago. Paul kept referring to it as our last trip without a baby. Which I guess is true! This is us waiting for the Pets Rule show to start! Pets Rule is our favorite show at Sea World! It was a fun, but tiring, day!

This is me at 30 weeks pregnant!

And this is me at 31 weeks pregnant last Sunday! I took a picture and sent it to Paul on my phone because he was on a work trip in Washington, D.C. He's home now! And Landry and I are both very happy to have him home.

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