Sunday, August 21, 2011

All things Landry

Landry is growing just fine, and so is Mommy! We ended up having to have a repeat ultrasound of Landry's spine since he was a little bit of a wiggle worm the first time around. But he cooperated the second time and the Dr. says baby Landry looks fine and dandy! We are praising God for a healthy little man growing in there and praying for continued health and safety for all of us.

After we found out we were having a boy, I started right to work on a project I had wanted to do for the baby's room. I made a photoboard using a bulletin board, some cute fabric, and wooden letters that I painted for his name. I was pretty happy with the finished product!

Mommy hard at work on Landry's photo board. Daddy helped with creative.

The finished product! We are doing Landry's room in a Dr. Seuss theme and the colors on the fabric/letters are complimentary to the bedding set we would like to get.

My small group girls had a little cake for Baby Landry after we found out the gender! It was so sweet and very yummy too!

Paul and I went to Philadelphia and New York last month. I was very excited to go to NYC since that has been on my bucket list. I am happy to say that it has been crossed off and I'm ok with that. It was very hot and very crowded, but it was really fun! We even got to see a Broadway show. Landry started moving a lot during that week and it was so neat to feel him move, especially during "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!"

We saw Mary Poppins at the New Amsterdam theater in NYC. It was the best stage production I have ever seen. I cried it was so good.

Philadelphia had lots of interesting sites too! I walked up the steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum and stood in Rocky's footsteps! I felt very epic.

We have slowly started accumulating baby things. His room is slowly starting to look like a baby will be living there soon!

We found a great deal on a used travel system online! We were really excited to find such a good deal and are very happy with our purchase. Now Landry will travel in style!

Daddy picked out the diaper bag. He will also be carrying the diaper bag. :D

A fun storage ottoman/footstool. Not sure what we'll put in it, but it is going to be really useful I'm sure! Landry's Uncle JW repainted my rocking chair that I had in my bedroom at my parent's house before he moved and we will be using that in Landry's room. Such a good Uncle!

And now...belly pictures!

20 weeks pregnant, going to a wedding!

23 weeks pregnant!