Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's a.....

We went for our 18 week ultrasound appointment yesterday and were so excited to be able to find out the sex of our little baby!

The appointment was at 2 pm in Fontana. I had taken the day off from work, because I had to consume a large amount of water and I figured I would be so absent-minded and excited that working would be the last thing on my mind. I was right. I had to find things to keep myself busy until Paul came home to pick me up and take me to the appointment. We were lucky enough to have my Mom and Dad join us for the appointment.

We got there with plenty of time to spare and I got checked in. They sent me back to wait, and said that after all of the pictures were done for the Doctor, my family could come back and see the baby. So I went off by myself. And waited. And waited. Luckily, they called me in about 10 minutes before my appointment time and got started.

As I laid there while the ultrasound technician took all the pictures, the song "Bittersweet Symphony" came on the radio. I walked down the aisle to this song in our wedding! I thought that was a very good sign, and an awesome coincidence. :) The tech was very nice, but she couldn't tell me anything. She was reassuring though and told me that if anything was a problem, we would know about it today. Apparently, the little one was cooperative because in just a few minutes she said, "ok, you can go empty your bladder if you want" (I wanted) "and go get your family for the fun part."

We all returned in again and the tech had me lay down so we could all see the baby. This was the coolest part! We got to see the baby squirming around and kicking arms and legs. Then she said, "Ok, here we go. Those are boy parts!" And they definitely are! We are having a little son!

We were all very happy! I was kind of surprised because SO many people said he was going to be a girl, but thrilled to have a first-born son! Paul is very happy to have a little boy too. And Grandma and Granddad were very excited!

Then we got to keep watching him move around. He has very long legs and was kicking them and trying to put his toes in his mouth. We even got to see him opening and shutting his mouth. I'm pretty sure he was telling us all "Hi!"

Here's a nice profile shot of our little man!

This is him laying on his belly! Look how cool his spine looks!

He looks like he's blowing bubbles in there!

After we got done, we headed to Babie's R Us to buy him his first little boy item. Paul and I picked out a layette set with matching bibs. And Grandma and Granddad had to buy him a blue piggy bank to start his college fund. We affectionately call him "Ramsey." Here's the belly and the pig. The belly isn't that noticeable in that shirt, but it's there and getting more noticeable (at least to me) every day!

Oh, I almost forgot! We've decided on a name. Our little boy is named Landry Mark Carter! We can't wait to meet him!