Sunday, September 18, 2011

3rd Trimester!

Wow! It's already the third trimester! Just barely, yes, but still! In just about 3 months, Landry will be here!

Landry is a pretty active little boy. He kicks and squirms a lot throughout the day, but he's most active at nighttime when Mommy is trying to sleep. :/ That's ok though, the squirming is so neat and it's so sweet when Paul comes and touches my belly and talks to Landry. He especially likes to talk to our boy about the Cowboys, but he also reads Chronicles of Narnia and recites Scriptures to him. :) Landry is lucky to have such a sweet Daddy already!

We have been accumulating more baby things. Landry's Uncle Matt and Aunt Nicole passed down a bunch of things from their boys, and we have started making the baby's room look like a baby's room! Paul even put a little bit of Cowboy flair on the wall, just to make sure Landry is well aware of the Dallas Cowboys. By the end of this week, Landry will have a crib to sleep in!

My doctor's appointments are still going well. Landry and I are both measuring right on track and everything is progressing normally! We are very thankful for that!

The baby bump keeps on growing! Even though people still tell me I'm pretty small, I'm feeling more and more pregnant everyday, it seems. But overall, I'm feeling really good and am getting really excited to meet our son!

27 weeks and 1 day pregnant!